Dear Race Director:

Thank you for choosing to sanction your event with Triathlon BC, the provincial affiliate of Triathlon Canada and the International Triathlon Union (ITU). Sanctioning events through Triathlon BC supports the goal of hosting quality events throughout the province, and invests in developing our growing sport, providing a consistent, professional platform for all stakeholders involved.

The purposes and benefits of sanctioning, as outlined below, are of value to the participant, race organizer, sponsors, facility/venue owners and the general public.

For insurance and records-keeping purposes, this sanction application, together with links to safety plans, course maps, and specific event details must be submitted for review, a minimum of 45 days prior to your event. Once applications have been submitted and approved, the benefits described below can be activated.

Primary Purpose of Sanctioning:

  1. Ensures a commitment by the event’s Race Director that the event will be conducted in accordance with ITU and Triathlon Canada rules, as outlined in the Triathlon BC regulations.
  2. Ensures that the event will be conducted in a fair and safe manner.
  3. Ensures that the event meets a standard of quality required by Triathlon BC.

Benefits of Sanctioning

Increased Prestige – The Triathlon BC sanction improves the event’s public perception of a quality event. A sanction tells athletes that an event is being run according to applicable competition rules, and meets minimum guidelines for fairness and safety. Sanctioned events have the ability to use the Triathlon BC logo to promote the fact that the provincial governing body has approved their event.

Assigned OfficialsAssignment of subsidized Triathlon BC & Triathlon Canada accredited Officials (where possible).

Liability Insurance – Most government agencies including cities, municipalities, highway departments and parks and recreation centers require general liability insurance for all events. The cost of sanctioning is very inexpensive relative to the price of private insurance policies. Triathlon BC offers sanctioned events a comprehensive insurance and risk management package, including a $5 million liability policy, with the option of purchasing additional coverage if required.

Medical Insurance for Athletes – As a prerequisite to sanctioning, all participants must be members of Triathlon BC (Day or Annual). Members that may sustain an injury while participating in a sanctioned event will be eligible for secondary medical insurance coverage for their injury.

Calendar Promotion – Sanctioned events will be included in the Triathlon BC online calendar, and also be featured in our annual magazine.

Hosting Grants – sanctioned events are eligible to receive local, provincial and federal hosting grants. Race Directors can also source consulting from Grant writing experts.

Eligibility to apply for Provincial, National or International Championships, team selection races in addition to ITU World Cup and International Points races and World Championship qualifying events (through Triathlon Canada).

Free Triathlon BC membership for each Race Director (one individual per event).

Please Note: For sanctioning and event insurance coverage to be activated, all Race Directors must be current members in good standing with Triathlon BC. Please remember to renew your free membership well prior to your event date.

Note for those hosting ‘Olympic’ distance events: In a bid to align ourselves with contemporary ITU terminology, please reference all Olympic-distance events as Standard Distance triathlons (1500m swim/40km cycle/10km run).

Please review the information package carefully, noting the submission timeline requirement – 45 days prior to your event date.


Thank you for supporting your sport.


Allan Prazsky
Executive Director,
Triathlon BC