Please read carefully. Your signature acknowledges your understanding and participation of this agreement.

I, the undersigned, as the duly authorized race promoter/director/agent agree to abide by and enforce all rules, regulations and decisions of Triathlon BC. I further understand and agree that the standards and conditions set forth by Triathlon BC are minimal and that special or unusual conditions may require further precautions and actions in the interest of safety.

In consideration of receiving event sanctioning and insurance from Triathlon BC, it is hereby agreed that the undersigned, the race promoters, sponsors, organizers and any and all entities involved with the production of this event, jointly and severally agree to defend, to hold harmless, and to indemnify Triathlon BC and its officers, directors and agents connected with the organization and conduct of a sanctioned event, against any and all cost, claim, legal expenses and liabilities which are connected with or arise directly or indirectly out of the preparation for or conduct of this event(s); to co-operate with Triathlon BC and its agents in the event of any personal injury or other claims and/or other legal action(s) arising out of this event. It is understood and agreed that Triathlon BC makes no warranties, expressed or implied to the promoting organization or promoter, to competitors, to spectators, or to any other person or entity.

I agree that I will fully uphold and comply with all International Triathlon Union/Triathlon Canada Competition Rules. Any requests for additions or exceptions to the competitive rules have been submitted in writing to Triathlon BC at least 45 days before my event. If an accredited Triathlon BC Official is assigned to this event, I agree to co-operate with and uphold all officiating decisions made by the Triathlon BC Official.

Further, it is agreed that:

I will submit a complete sanction package for my event no later than 45 days before the event date. I understand that a late submission of a sanction package carries a $75 fine.

Whether in hardcopy or electronic, all participants/parents/guardians will sign the Triathlon BC Acknowledgement Waiver and Release from Liability form. It is recommended that original documents be kept on file by the race organizer for a minimum of seven (7) years.

I understand that:

  1. A participant who has not signed the waiver form prior to the event, and/or participant who is not a current Triathlon BC member will render the event insurance policy null and void. It is my responsibility as Race Director to ensure that these conditions are met, further;
  2. In order to have an event insured, I will ensure that the listed Race Director is a current member of Triathlon BC.

I will verify Triathlon BC membership of all participants and collect Day-Of-Race (DOR) fees and waivers for those participants not having an annual membership. I will send Triathlon BC all associated event fees, together with a completed POST EVENT FROM within 30 days of the event. I understand that if all monies are not received by Triathlon BC within this time frame, a $250 penalty will be applied, and sanctioning may be refused in future years.

I will provide Triathlon BC with the requested participant data on all Day Of Race members, including first initial, last initial, sex, date of birth and postal code within thirty (30) days following the event.

If I am hosting a Series event, I will provide detailed results, highlighting the 5-year age categories listed in this document (Junior, 5 Year Age Groups, Elites, Paratriathlon).

I have ensured that the race course is Paratriathlon-friendly and will include a Paratriathlon category in the race. A paratriathlon category is included on our entry form / webpage and the timing company has been notified and will provide results for paratriathlon separately from age-group and Elite/Junior Draft Legal.

I understand that Triathlon BC will determine the appropriate number of Officials needed to officiate my race, and that Triathlon BC will pay for a maximum of two (2) Officials assigned to an event.

I agree to pay Head Officials assigned to Long Distance events and events lasting longer than six (6) hours $100.00 per day and Head officials assigned to Sprint/Standard events $60 per day.

I agree to pay $30.00 (Short/Sprint/Standard) or $60.00 (Long Distance) per additional Official as required, and will also pay for travel associated with Officials traveling to my event at a cost of $0.50/km for each Official, for those traveling a distance of 50km or more. Further, for those Officials traveling a distance greater than 100km, I will provide suitable accommodations.

As a sanctioned event, I will include a Triathlon BC logo and link on the event’s website, and include a Triathlon BC logo on my race brochure.

Please retain pages 1 to 8 for your reference and records.